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Royal West Hospitality

Royal West Hospitality is a bespoke hospitality solutions provider to trendsetting corporations and elite investors. We offer turnkey restaurant consulting and management services to establish unique and profitable businesses.

Our tailored services range from developing a solid restaurant business plan and feasibility to concept development and project execution. We also provide on-going management and audit services.

our services

Business Plan

A strategic Business Plan is the essential first step to launching a great restaurant.

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Menu Engineering

Our chefs work closely with the client(s) to understand their vision for the food.

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Training Development

We provide research & assessments on how we can provide the right staff and owner training for your business.

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A successful marketing strategy is only defined by the execution of the incorporated plan.

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Franchise Modeling

Positive and consistent customer experiences are the keys to sustainable profitability.

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Real Estate

A perfect restaurant business plan involves the task of acquiring a suitable location.

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When it comes to financing your business, you have several options to choose from.

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Hospitality Recruitment

Permanent, temporary & foreign recruitment services to Hospitality, Restaurant & Food Industry.

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Running restaurants is tough. From increasing labour costs to unexpected expenses, it can drive you crazy. Trying to fix any problems on your own is definitely overwhelming, you don’t know where to begin and really, where do you find the time. Good news, we have the time and we know how to fix it. We have the expertise to increase your profits and establish your restaurant as ‘best in class’.


Starting a new business from the ground up is challenging and overwhelming. A lot of time and planning is needed to set up a brand-new concept and this is why we are here. From concept design and pre-construction to menu development and employee training, we will guide you from start to finish and make it seem simple. We have created a set of services designed to let you focus on what matters the most, your business.

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I have learned more on this project than any other in the past 20 years combined. The knowledge Hemant and his staff brought to the table was instrumental in getting us to where we are.

Albert Pope


To say Hemant exceeded expectations is an understatement. He is a charming personality that gets things done! And as a first-time restaurant owner, his advice on pitfalls to avoid are still accurate 2 months after …



Hemant is knowledgeable, creative, and personable. We were floundering: he came up with a new theme, new menu, and in our first week open did 5X our best the previous week. Fabulous!


Co Owner