Business Plan


A strategic Business Plan is the essential first step to launching a great restaurant. Ensure that your great idea can come to life in a way that can also provide a high ROI.

The Business Plans that we build for our clients become utilized in four primary functions:

  • To solidify the detail of your concept and ensure that it gels – brand, concept, menu and atmosphere.
  • To give you a clear understanding of start-up costs related to your concept as well as provide a picture of the potential Return on Investment.
  • To help you get financing for your venture – whether equity financing or bank financing.
  • To be able to present to landlords of potential spaces to assure them that you are the right candidate for the location.

Our Business Plan process varies depending on your plan’s exact needs and how far along you are in the concept development. Generally, the timeline ranges from 2 to 8 weeks. What makes us unique in our Business Plan development is that we involve all aspects of our diverse team in the development process – branding, Chefs, marketing, operations and finance. All of those aspects need to work in harmony for a concept to be successful.

Our process always begins with a 60-90-minute meeting with you and all of our key people. In that meeting, we will discuss your concept in great detail and try to extract as much information from you as possible so that our entire team understands your vision. From there, over the proposed timeline and several follow-up discussions, we will bring your plan to life, ensuring it makes sense operationally and in terms of profit. If you are opening a new restaurant, check out our Opening Handholding Package, which can incorporate the Business Plan Development component.